Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blood Work Tips

I bit the bullet and took my youngest in for repeat blood work yesterday. Both of us hate it (who doesn't) but I've discovered a couple of things that make the process easier for us and anyone.
First, ask what tests are being done. Sounds like a no brainer but I didn't the first time. Secondly, ask about the containers the blood will be tested in. Each test tube is different. Some have additives, some don't. This would have saved us a repeat trip had I known that the transglutamease (?) test needed to be in a red top tube! Finally, our wonderful phelbotomist, Stephanie used a baby needle. The finest, tiniest they have. It takes a little longer to collect the full sample but it doesn't hurt as much going in. My youngest said it didn't hurt as much this time as it did the first time.
Now we wait for the results, probably only until tomorrow. In the meantime I have purchased a few gluten free products to see if that makes any difference to his belly pain.  Thankfully there are many, many new products that make it less difficult to go gluten free.
However, it is pizza day at school! Hmm I'm sensing a business opportunity. Gluten free meals delivered to schools for kids who follow special diets!  Heaven knows if he ends up being celicac I'll be doing it anyway.
Thats all for now.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Is it Celiac?

I had a Dr. House moment the other day. My oldest child was covered in hives for the second day in a row. Clearly she is allergic to something and I'm fairly confident, despite the lack of an MD degree, that it is not, as she suggests, an allergy to her brother.  And then it hits, AHA, the new  sports laundry detergent that has such a fabulous scent. After rinsing her clothes in water she is now hive free!
So now I tackle my greater pediatric mystery and the reason for deciding to blog.  My youngest has had reoccurring gastric issues for a year. Constipation, stomach pain, anxiety and several laboratory tests to try to get to the bottom of his discomfort.
Thankfully we have ruled out  major, life-threatening conditions.  However, his continued discomfort is affecting his school attendance and his confidence as more than one doctor suggests he just needs to deal with it.
I had previously disregarded celiac/gluten intolerance, however, I am now revisiting this theory after several hours of online research. Unfortunately I wouldn't be in the dark if the phlebotomist hadn't botched his latest blood tests but as I am reluctant to take him for another "poke" I am still unsure.  UNTIL I found the home celiac/gluten intorerance test. Way to go Biocard, a Canadian company who provides at home test kits for $50. Can't wait for the Snowbirds to arrive so we can move forward with this test.
Although a gluten-free lifestyle would be restrictive I am excited about the prospect of finding out what is causing his pain and relieving him once and for all.