Monday, March 21, 2011

overdoing it

Working out 2 days after surgery ( no matter how minor and no matter that they were modifided pushups) is too soon.  Felt like crap yesterday!! Think I'll wait til after the dr. appt at a week.  Rest when your body needs it!! Words of wisdom for the day.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Old lady feet

I am finally on the road to recovery! The hammertoe is gone. Thanks to the luck of the genetic slot machine I won the bunion/hammertoe booby prize. My grandmother had horribly painful looking bunions. I remember her shoes molded to the misshapen contours of her feet. Now I can appreciate how very painful they must have been for her. Luckily I have surgical options. Last year I had my bunion fixed. Despite horror stories of painful recovery and cautions that I might not be able to run for 6-12 months I was virtually pain free after the surgery and running again within 3 months. Unfortunately my second toe was lonely without the constant support of big toe and it revolted, curling up into a painful claw. I had to give up running, and then most of my shoes with heels higher than 1 inch. I tried oral steroids, cortisone shots, and new orthotics. All provided temporary relief but eventually it was clear that I was headed back to surgery. Surgery day was March 17, 2011 and all went well. I am now recovering. There's a bit more pain this time and, although I don't like to take them, the pain Meds are helping me deal with that.
Although somewhat long winded my point in turning to this blog today was to post that I worked out! With inspiration from a great book, Chocolate and Vicodin and a great magazine, Oxygen, I cranked out several push ups and 150 sit ups. There are always ways to stay fit even in recovery. Here's hoping I can find this attitude again tomorrow as I knock off another day toward recovery!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Super Diaper Baby Review - by DS Adam

In an effort to help my DS improve his writing and organizing ability I have invited him to review anything and everything and post it here. Please share your positive feedback with him including your experiences with the same books/movies.....

Super Diaper Baby
By Dav Pilkey

In the beginning, the hero is born.  He becomes a super baby because he fell into super power juice.
Next, Deputy Dangerous turns into Poo Poo. The evil dog comes to the good side to help super baby defeat the evil Poo Poo.
Finally, Poo Poo is sent to Mars.
They all live happily ever after, even the dog (who also wears a diaper).

2nd grade boys would like this book. I like it because it has action, and because its fun to read comic books. Super Diaper Baby2 comes out in July 2011.