Friday, April 27, 2012

Nike workout - its AWESOME

This is the starting screenshot. Notice
yesterday I was only able to finish 6mins
of the 15 min ab burner workout!
Here is a great workout app my sister badgered me into trying and I'm so glad she did.
Its called Nike Training Club and the best part is its FREE although I would have paid for it now that I know how great it is.

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 Here is the next screen. You get to choose your workout. Get Lean is high interval cardio drills, Get Toned is light weights and intervals, Get Strong is higher weights, Get Focused is 15min workouts targeting trouble spots

This is the ab burner screen. I did this (ok 6mins of this) yesterday. One cool feature is that you can import your own music from your library to play while you work!
Another great feature is that it has a video clip of the move you are supposed to be doing so you know if you are doing it correctly. Awesome!

 Here is part of the core crunch workout. I haven't tried this one yet - gotta rest my abs today.

I don't work for Nike, they're not paying me to review this app (too bad)..... I just tried it and loved it.
Get Focused Leg workout today - wonder if I'll complete more than 6mins!

Let me know if you try this too!

Tomorrow its Harry Potter birthday bonanza - snitch cake, potion hand sanitizers, and wizard wand tag!! Betcha can't wait!

Friday, April 20, 2012


BYOC - Bring Your Own Crazy!

It’s Friday – so it’s time for BYOC – Bring Your Own Crazy! We answer 5 questions to get to know each other better and to give our blogging brains a break! Copy to your own blog and enjoy!

1. Do you have any siblings? What is your relationship with them? Good, bad, ugly?
I have a baby sister (4yrs younger). She is my bestest bestest friend. We talk everyday and then text and email too. She is my everything and I'm soo glad. Sometimes I wonder what my kids will do without a sibling of the same sex. My hubby hardly ever talks to his sister.

2. Let’s talk pizza. Do you prefer homemade or restaurant? What toppings are your fave?
Store bought. Usually Little Ceasars
My kids are picky eaters so we usually get pepperoni but I love Canadian (with pineapple, bacon and ham).

3. When is the last time you cried – in sadness and in joy?

My dr thinks I'm in perimenopause - I only know that means that once a month I should lock myself in a padded room. So those were big freakin tears this week.
In joy? I'm not sure - probably watching Evan Almighty - physical comedy cracks me up.

4. Do you own a gun – one that is specifically yours? Do you know how to use it?

No - I've shot air guns at the lake but I'm not interested in hunting so I have no other reason to own one, especially with kids around.

5. Repeat question. Summarize your week!
It started off CRAZY - the biggest hormonal meltdowns, with no sleeping at night ever!!!! But its tapered off and finished nicely. My beautiful baby turned 11 this week and I started back at yoga.
happy Friday my friends.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Celebrity Look Alike

A Momma's A A A Momma's Desires and Pacifiers is having a linky party about who your celebritity Doppleganger is.  Who do people say you look like? Which celebrity?

This website paired my pic up with these famous actors. Here's the website
Here are the pics. I can see Patricia Clarkson (although she is OLDER)

Match: 75%
Match: 74%
Match: 74%
Match: 74%
Match: 73%
Patricia ClarksonTaylor SwiftCeline DionJK RowlingBridget Fonda
Patricia Clarkson
Taylor Swift
Celine Dion
JK Rowling
Bridget Fonda

My also paired me up with Bridget Fonda

I don't know what do you think?  When people tell me I look like someone usually it is this one on the bottom but I can't remember her name or the no boobs baywatch girl on the right in the top photo.  My bestie says I look like Julie Bowen. Hmm I'm ok with that too!
Who is your celebrity doppleganger?  

FYI I'm still trying to get to 25 Followers so I can treat myself to a custom blog design. Sign up follow along.

Monday, April 16, 2012

And the kitchen sink

I tend to ramble and today will be no exception, I'm just going with the flow.

So I saw the dr on fri and she said yes all my troubles recently with anxiety, headaches... Could be pre menopause but it wouldn't make much difference we'd still be looking at treating the symptoms... Hmm ok but at least I'd know why I felt crazy which for me is HUGE.
She also said it could be food related which I keep hearing but iwas convinced that my headaches/migraines wern't food related that I've always ignored it but several people incuding my GP, and the naturopath I saw recently suggested I try the elimination diet so I halfheartedly tried it. Friday was my first day.
I did have coffee with sugar but no cream. I cut out all other sugar, and all wheat/gluten.
Holy hell. I didn't have anxiety AT ALL. I'd forgotten what it felt like to have my body relaxed. My head hurt less too! Saturday my anxiety was way less even though I anticipated a migraine due to my TOM. no migraine either - although I did up some of my preventative supplements I think the diet may have helped.
Today I fell off the wagon with regards to sugar. I had several cookies I made for my dd's bday (she's 11 today) I had a pb Easter chocolate and now I'm up when I should be sleeping b/c my anxiety is back and my head hurts. Doesnt take a brain surgeon to connect the dots. If cutting out sugar and gluten makes me feel that much better I'm all for it. I'm going to keep experimenting and watching how I feel.

My DS has been having trouble with his belly lately. When I started this blog last year he was having lots of issues with his belly, it turned out to be constipation but we did have him looked at for celiac too, which they said he wasn't. Well his belly pain is back. Especially after eating pizza - gluten, wheat, cheese.... All can irritate the belly/bowel, all can cause constipation and then he gets anxious. Oh Lordy, I've transferred my anxiety to my baby.
I've put him back on his Miralax, I'm having him cut out gluten and wheat although he did eat a donut tonight and some nachos tonight. I'm hoping we can nip this in the bud before he really starts to get anxious about it and going to school becomes an issue. I made him some glutenfree chocolate pancakes this am, although I did let him eat Dino eggs cereal b/c sometimes oats are tolerated ok even though gluten is an issue, I think tomorrow we'll skip that. Maybe I'll make eggs.

More rambling...
My dr would like me to stop taking the pill, she wonders if it's making my migraines worse, again me, with my Greys anatomy degree felt they were helping, when I got migraines during my TOM, starting my pills again always helped. What I didn't understand is that the b/c pill is now classified as a class 1 carcinogen.
I can't link it properly from my iPad. But basically we know that the pill can cause cancer. I've been on it for almost 23 years! Another no brainer, time to try it without. I may have to blog about the discussion I have with my DH, he is vehemently opposed to having a vasectomy.

Well honey it doesn't cause cancer! :)
happy early Monday morning everyone!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Out of the mouths of babes

Quick post today - the inlaws are coming, I'm working this am, seeing Hunger Games this pm and somehow have to help the kiddos with hw before school pack lunches, get my smoothies ready (I'm doing the elimination diet) and make the inlaws bed. Holy crap I'd better get moving.

But this is worth sharing.
First my kids have been enjoying listening to Bill Cosby. He's hilarious and clean. A perfect combination.
So the new catch phrase around our house is, "I'll smack your face right off!" That and Brain Damage.
Enjoy a good laugh this morning.
 So the other day we're out in the driveway playing a little makeshift tennis and my SON says stop making me run I have Vagina. I said WHAT, you have what?! Meanwhile my daughter is just about having contortions, she's laughing so hard.
My son says vagina, my heart is pumping hard.
Ahhh Angina. Thank goodness, I thought the doctor checked for a vagina when he was born!
Out of the mouths of babes.
Happy Wednesday.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

1.We are in the great white north visiting family for a few days. I can't get enough of my family!!!

2.  I love pictures like this that show how little my children were in relation to how big my husband is, especially now that they are catching up to him ( my DD only has 2.5 inches til shes as tall as I am!).
Thankfully - no hot flashes!

3.  My sweet boy shaved his head to raise funds for Cancer research. My DD's bff raised over $1100 and shaved her head. Isn't that awesome! As an 11yr old girls there is NO way I would have had the confidence to do that.

4. I'm having a tough time with anxiety these days, and chronic tension headaches so I met with a Naturopath today to discuss natural remedies. I was glad to hear that I am taking all the right supplements. She did suggest that at 41yrs old its not completely unheard of that I could be going through perimenopause. Although that freaked me out, I googled menopause symptoms and several of mine fit. Honestly, I'd be thrilled to find out that that's whats at the root of the craziness I've been going through. I have a dr.'s appt nx Friday so I will definitely be asking for some blood tests to rule it out.

5. In the event that I'm not in perimenopause, I'm considering going back on a low dose anti anxiety. I hate the idea, but I hate the anxiety even more. I tried prozac, that just made me sleepy. I have also been on Celexa, that made me zombie like, not sleepy but no emotion good or bad. So I'd love to hear any experiences you may have good and bad with meds.

6.I'm following a blog recommended by Holly about a young mom who was just diagnosed with cancer. Her ability to find the positive in the horrible is truly amazing. You might want to check it out and flood her comment box with positive thoughts and prayers.

Future blogs: glow in the dark easter egg hunt, pintrest crayon art, all natural cosmetics, my first castor oil plaster. Yes folks you'll want to tune in for that one!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

I survived the weekend!

Phew!! Its over. I hardly ever look forward to a weekend being over but this one was BUSY.
My hubby was away in Vegas (wish my job rewarded me by taking me to vegas!!! - stay-at-home-moms everywhere unite!!!)
Since I got sick last year I get very anxious when he's away, thankfully my parents arrived on Thursday and stayed the whole weekend!!! Yeah mom and dad. That meant that dad took my DS to baseball on Saturday (it was a whole 40degrees!!! ) so my mom and I could ferry DD to the tv station at 7:30 for her interview (Whoot Whoot) and then to her synchro meet for the rest of the crazy day and lets just say that a full day in the humidity of the pool is more than enough to make my head ache like a jackhammer convention but I had my peppermint stick with me and was able to control it. I suffered with anxiety through the night and the rest of Sunday. I wonder if the anxiety is my body's way of saying that was really hard work fighting off the migraine!! Or it could be my body saying you ate too much crap food stop it now. Wish I spoke body language.
Anyhoo my DD won a gold medal for her routine ( she was the only competitor in that category but who cares) she was really excited and had a great time. All this despite her TOM (she's not quite 11yrs old!!!) and an ear infection. What a trouper.
 Her suit looked good although as you can see there was another swimmer who had the same type of suit - but hers was professionally made. I love how perfect it is but I prefer my DDs.
 Here the older girls are knoxing my daughter. They put warm gelatin ( or knox) all over their bun. This makes it glossy and hard! The girls were fabulous helpers. I'd never done this before so having them take over was wonderful. They came to this competition and spent the whole day there even though they weren't swimming this time. I think I told them 100x how wonderful they are.
Here is the other head piece I made, its the golden snitch for a Harry Potter solo routine.

Here is the video of her swimming - its a little over two minutes long.

This was my weekend. Oh finished off by more baseball on Sunday! I'm living the dream. Actually I am, wouldn't have it any other way!  Spring Break this week
Happy Monday everyone.