Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Celebrity Look Alike

A Momma's A A A Momma's Desires and Pacifiers is having a linky party about who your celebritity Doppleganger is.  Who do people say you look like? Which celebrity?

This website paired my pic up with these famous actors. Here's the website http://celebrity.picadilo.com/
Here are the pics. I can see Patricia Clarkson (although she is OLDER)

Match: 75%
Match: 74%
Match: 74%
Match: 74%
Match: 73%
Patricia ClarksonTaylor SwiftCeline DionJK RowlingBridget Fonda
Patricia Clarkson
Taylor Swift
Celine Dion
JK Rowling
Bridget Fonda

My Heritage.com also paired me up with Bridget Fonda

I don't know what do you think?  When people tell me I look like someone usually it is this one on the bottom but I can't remember her name or the no boobs baywatch girl on the right in the top photo.  My bestie says I look like Julie Bowen. Hmm I'm ok with that too!
Who is your celebrity doppleganger?  

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  1. I can totally see the last one!!! And what's up with that picture of Celine Dion? Not her best photo!

  2. Her name is Cheryl Hines. I can see you look more like her, IMO.

  3. I'm thinking bridget fonda. This is fun! I wanna try it!

  4. I agree, I can see the last picture resemblance as well! New follower =)

  5. I'm back in blogland.

    I said you look like Julie Bowen . .. does that mean . . . ? *sob*