Monday, April 2, 2012

I survived the weekend!

Phew!! Its over. I hardly ever look forward to a weekend being over but this one was BUSY.
My hubby was away in Vegas (wish my job rewarded me by taking me to vegas!!! - stay-at-home-moms everywhere unite!!!)
Since I got sick last year I get very anxious when he's away, thankfully my parents arrived on Thursday and stayed the whole weekend!!! Yeah mom and dad. That meant that dad took my DS to baseball on Saturday (it was a whole 40degrees!!! ) so my mom and I could ferry DD to the tv station at 7:30 for her interview (Whoot Whoot) and then to her synchro meet for the rest of the crazy day and lets just say that a full day in the humidity of the pool is more than enough to make my head ache like a jackhammer convention but I had my peppermint stick with me and was able to control it. I suffered with anxiety through the night and the rest of Sunday. I wonder if the anxiety is my body's way of saying that was really hard work fighting off the migraine!! Or it could be my body saying you ate too much crap food stop it now. Wish I spoke body language.
Anyhoo my DD won a gold medal for her routine ( she was the only competitor in that category but who cares) she was really excited and had a great time. All this despite her TOM (she's not quite 11yrs old!!!) and an ear infection. What a trouper.
 Her suit looked good although as you can see there was another swimmer who had the same type of suit - but hers was professionally made. I love how perfect it is but I prefer my DDs.
 Here the older girls are knoxing my daughter. They put warm gelatin ( or knox) all over their bun. This makes it glossy and hard! The girls were fabulous helpers. I'd never done this before so having them take over was wonderful. They came to this competition and spent the whole day there even though they weren't swimming this time. I think I told them 100x how wonderful they are.
Here is the other head piece I made, its the golden snitch for a Harry Potter solo routine.

Here is the video of her swimming - its a little over two minutes long.

This was my weekend. Oh finished off by more baseball on Sunday! I'm living the dream. Actually I am, wouldn't have it any other way!  Spring Break this week
Happy Monday everyone.


  1. Your daughter is cute as a button! No picture of the gold medal?

  2. This is awesome!! I love it!! Of course I knew which one was your daughter by the fabulous swimsuit! this is so cool b/c I have never seen synchronized swimming before. It is so dramatic with the music!! It looks like so much fun! She did a great job.

  3. Ugh i hate when my husband leaves for business trips!! talk about instant migraine!
    Ok um your scaring me with the beta blocker thing have you done it or heard of bad reaction or just scared from what my doc said lol now you got me scared lol