Friday, April 27, 2012

Nike workout - its AWESOME

This is the starting screenshot. Notice
yesterday I was only able to finish 6mins
of the 15 min ab burner workout!
Here is a great workout app my sister badgered me into trying and I'm so glad she did.
Its called Nike Training Club and the best part is its FREE although I would have paid for it now that I know how great it is.

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 Here is the next screen. You get to choose your workout. Get Lean is high interval cardio drills, Get Toned is light weights and intervals, Get Strong is higher weights, Get Focused is 15min workouts targeting trouble spots

This is the ab burner screen. I did this (ok 6mins of this) yesterday. One cool feature is that you can import your own music from your library to play while you work!
Another great feature is that it has a video clip of the move you are supposed to be doing so you know if you are doing it correctly. Awesome!

 Here is part of the core crunch workout. I haven't tried this one yet - gotta rest my abs today.

I don't work for Nike, they're not paying me to review this app (too bad)..... I just tried it and loved it.
Get Focused Leg workout today - wonder if I'll complete more than 6mins!

Let me know if you try this too!

Tomorrow its Harry Potter birthday bonanza - snitch cake, potion hand sanitizers, and wizard wand tag!! Betcha can't wait!


  1. This looks amazing. I'm going to DL it too!

  2. Is this something you can get on your phone or on your computer? I'm kinda disappointed that there will be no ButterBeer Cupcakes at this Harry Potter themed birthday party. :-)

    1. I have it on my ipad so I assume it would work on the iphone too but I don't know about the computer

  3. The more muscles it works in one rep, the more stress it puts on the body and more muscle grows. You might also try whey proteins and hydroxy beta-methyl, to name a few. High Resistance:High resistance is very important for abdominal exercise fitness workouts.

    1. I have shakeology from P90 which I use for my shakes.
      Thanks for your input on the ab workouts - I'm ready for my 6 pack.

  4. Oooooh. I wonder if that's avail on the Fire!

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