Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Harry Potter Birthday

My oldest turned 11 this month and had a Harry Potter themed birthday yet again. (3rd or 4th year running!)
However, because I love HP too we went gung ho.
Here is the marshmallow fondant I made to cover the cake. It looks just like regular fondant but because its only made out of marshmallows and powdered sugar it tastes SOOO much better!

This was the cake. I say was because it fell apart and we had to turn it into cake pops.
Here's the large cake pop Snitch
And here are the regular size Snitch cake pops.
I covered them with edible gold dust, then added the gold
sprinkles.  I think they turned out ok - and tasted
good too.

Kelly asked about Butterbeer so here it is. I found a recipe for Butterbeer - cream soda and butter flavoring. Some kids drank it, it wasn't like the Butterbeer at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios but it was ok.
These little hand santizers went into the loot bags. I created HP potions using an idea from Etsy and my own ingenuity. There was Doxicide, Wolfsbane, Skel-Gro, Amorticia - Love Potion and Polyjuice. My DD loved them and insisted that I make a full set just for her!

These little cereals were set up for the morning. I didn't manage to get a picture before the girls got to them so this is what was left over.
All the girls had a great time and its over again for another year.  I think we're renting a place for son's birthday, I really only have the creativity and energy for one full on birthday! :)


  1. I love them. You should post on Pinterest and share with the world.

  2. Butterbeer cupcakes!! Could you make me some please? :-) Everything looks great!

  3. I absolutely love HP. Thanks for sharing!! I love the potion labels on the santizer! : )

  4. My kid had so much fun. I'm you're the "cool mom". It takes pressure off of me!