Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bunch of Randomness

 Ahhh its been a while. We've been crazy busy with sports. Here's my little man at the plate. He hit a double the other day and he's the youngest on the team. Most of the boys are a year older. Proud Mama!!
This is his very cute, very young coach.
I feel so old. At least I'm not old enough to be his mom (almost but not quite).

These are my babies. They were orphaned and now we're fostering them. The little critters need to be fed every 1hr! What the hell was I thinking!!!!!!
Health stuff
I've been doing really well now that the doc suggested I use progesterone cream as I'm off the bc pill. Its been helping alot with the anxiety I used to get and the headaches but yesterday I got a migraine and dumb ass that I am, I tried to use 2 excedrin and then extra magnesium and then a peppermint stick to get rid of it b/c I don't like taking prescript meds. Well of course I ended up having to take the max dose of my migraine pills and then had palps all night. I think I slept from 1:30 - 4:30 only. Needless to say I'm an emotional basket case this morning. I still don't have my bloodwork results back from my doctor but my hormones are definitely doing something crazy.

I have school work to do, and not the fun, holistic kind I'm so excited to start - here's the box of books that arrived on Sat!! I'm being disciplined and not opening it until I finish the other two!


  1. Discipline sucks! So do migraines!

    Tell me more about this progesterone cream. is that OTC or scrip? Do I even want to know where it is applied?

    I should call you - we are both so busy I never get to see you or talk to you anymore.

  2. Sorry to hear about your migraines. What kind of birds are those? They look so cute!