Friday, May 4, 2012

BYOC - Bring Your Own Crazy!

1. Do you have any Mother’s Day traditions?
  • We used to go to my moms for dinner but then we moved 5hrs away so now I try to find a fabulous gift and card to convey just how wonderful she is and send it to her. For me - often it involves buying plants and hoping my hubby remembers to take the kids out shopping for me - last year I took matters into my own hands and took the kids to pick out a pandora charm and bought myself a pandora necklace.
2. Do you take a daily vitamin? Why or why not?
  • Several in fact. I take Magnesium, feverfew, B2 and B6 because they are supposed to help prevent migraines. I also take CoQ10 and fish oil - I really believe they are helping me stay at my current weight as they improve the efficiency of your metabolism. I have a love hate relationship with modern medicine and try to be as natural as possible.
3. Do you wear perfume every day? If yes, what kind?
  • I don't wear much lately since my migraines gave me trouble but when I do I love Diamonds, Princess and a Mary Kay one - Bella
4. When you walk or run or work out outside – what do you take with you?
• MP3 player and my phone. I'm not gone long enough to need a water break - 3.1miles and often I run a 1.1 mile loop past my house 'cause my kids are sometimes home when I go.
5. Repeat question. Summarize your week.
  • Its been pretty good. I am up to date on all my courses. I did have a migraine but the meds cleared it up so that's ok. Bring on the weekend.

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  1. You're amazing. I can barely get to the end of my driveway w/o needing a drink of water!