Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Whatcha Reading

I don't have a WTF Wednesday like Laura and Drazil - except for a WTF is with th e4 migraines I've had in the past week. Enough already! HORMONES!!!! Seems I'm not in perimenopause after all, I'm fertile as ever. WTF that's scarier than starting early menopause!!!

I'm trying something a little different here. In an attempt to avoid the 2 courses I have to finish (not my health practitioner courses) I am reading. Here's what's on my kindle today.

So, I recently finished the story of Scott Bolzan, "My Life Deleted"
He is an ex NFLer who slips in the bathroom at work and winds up with the worst case of retrograde amensia his doctors have ever seen.
To the best of my knowledge he still hasn't regained any of the memories of his life before 2008! FREAKY! Its an interesting story of becoming aware of yourself. Inspiring.

I have also succombed to the hype that is "50 Shades of Grey"
After hearing many ladies talk about how great this book is supposed to be, erotica, porn for women..... I decided it certainly couldn't hurt, and could possibly help (if you know what I'm saying!) so I bought the kindle copy.
So 85pgs into the book (which has 514), I'm interested. Christian Grey is THE man. So far nothing earth shattering but  the author paints a very controlled, in charge, confident picture of this man that I'm falling for him too. Strangely, I keep picturing him with grey hair even though he's described as having copper colored hair. Maybe its the title. Have you read it yet?  I'm not sure about it, as I flip through the pages I'm catching snippets of dominence.....  but that's about 30 pages from where I am so I'll update you as I go.


  1. Ugh sorry about the migraines, those really suck!

    That would be crazy to lose your memory like that. I may have to succumb and get 50 shades of grey too.

  2. I hope the migraines go away soon.

    I don't think I'll be reading 50 shades unless it shows up at the 577 or something. I don't want there to be a record of me reading it! lol