Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bad Days again

I have to write this here because I can't do it anywhere else.  today was day 6 of migraine world. they go away for a day  but they come back and the postdrome fog and depression is bad, now my neck aches from all the migraines and my emotions are so unstable I can't stop crying which makes my head hurt and that makes me cry more.  My doctor says I will stable out when my hormones stable out but I feel that i might go crazy before that happens. I want to take the birth control pill again b/c they'll make the migraines go away for a bit, yes I know they are a class 1 carcinogen but even cancer sounds better than the emotional hell I've fallen into. CRAZY with all caps I know.

Tonight my youngest has a double header ball game, then another game tomorrow, I have to help with field day tomorrow and then drive my oldest to a competition all day Saturday.  Maybe these responsibilities are a good thing, otherwise I might curl up in my bed all day long.  Where did the happy days of good health go?

Have a good day my blogger friends, I'm off to fight the craziness, maybe it'll help to keep moving (teacher gifts to buy, baseball gloves to buy, hair to cut/highlight, toes to paint, knox to buy for synchro, house to clean, paper to write for course - there really isn't time for crazy).

Just a quick edit not - I'm starting to feel a little better, no more tears for now. Getting some shit done.


  1. I'm so sorry your migraines have not eased up. =(

  2. Have you ever been told you have an "upper limit" problem? It seems like you do a LOT for everyone else and maybe you could try taking time out for a mommykinz vacation!

    here's a post about upper limit probs you will love this blog! I know! I'm an enabler!