Saturday, September 22, 2012

I'm Back (sorta)

Hi ya friends!
Its been so long. I had a very rough time these last 5 months. I was diagnosed with chronic headache/migraine disorder and had some CRAZY with all caps PMS symptoms, perimenopausal perhaps.  The up side is I have some preventative meds that are working well, some bioidentical hormone therapy that is preventing the crazies and I'm feeling MUCH better.
Thank you all for the kind words you posted when i was so unwell.
I am continuing my volunteer work at the animal rehabilitation center and my sub work at the kids school. I am making a Harry Potter Monopoly game for my daughter and a Hunger Games (Mocking Jay) jean jacket for same daughter. We just bought a house so I am purging the house of years worth of crazy purchases and starting to box up the rest! I don't know when I will blog next but I wanted to touch base and say hello to everyone and let you know that I 'm still enjoying your blogs and facebook status updates.