Sunday, April 24, 2011

Reposting thanks to Drazil and BYOC (bring your own crazy)

1. In the spirit of Easter – tell me – what is your all time favorite Easter candy?
  • Cadbury eggs just enough sugar to induce a sugar coma!!! And they come in bite size now too how perfect is that. I used to bit the big ones about 7x that means that I should be able to eat 7 bite size ones and it will equal out.
2. What is your Zodiac sign?
  • I'm cancer the crab. Emotional, sensitive, crazy about family... You wouldn't know that 3/4 of us are cancers! With one strong willed Aries thrown in for good measure! Actually my DS is on the cusp of Gemini and Cancer although he acts more like a cancer. I think I know WAY too much about the signs!
3. Are you holding on to something you should let go of?
• I have a bit of a chip on my shoulder about being a stay-at-home mom. Its eased since I've become a sub but I always felt like I could do more than be a SAHM. Now I'm so glad to be with my babies and be their everything before they're too old
4. What are three “nevers” you follow in your life?
• This is too weird. I don't know.  I'm not a shoe or purse horder.  Hmmmm....... I guess I'll have to think about it some more.
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Sunday, April 17, 2011


I feel like spring.
After my last dreary post I feel like a new person. The shakes, the weakness, the anxiety is gone. I have a new cavity but that's peanuts compared to everything else. I am living again and working back up to being super mom.
My dear friend Lanie, whom I've only know for a few months, has been a tremendous support to me. Virtual smooches to you!
My mom has been my hero. She swooped in when I tearfully asked her to save me and stayed for 2 weeks. Dropping everything in her own world to look after me, the kids, the house..... I'm sure she was glad to do it. I would be if it were my kid. But I am sooo appreciative nonetheless. We even sat and watched a movie together last night. We never have time to do that. So although she doesn't read this or know it exists, I have the best mom in the world!! Tell everyone you know.
Have a wonderful day everyone!!!

Friday, April 8, 2011


3 weeks ago I had my hammertoe operated on. It was a pesky little surgery meant to sideline me for a week, 2 at most. Funny how we quickly learn that we may not be in complete control of our lives.
The surgery went very well and the next two days were spent in blissful narcotic recupperation. Then came the migraine and the heart palps and the jitters. I thought I was dying. And this wasn't the first time post op I've had this complication, however, this time it lasted for 4 days until we blasted that migraine outta my head with narcotics. And again I had 2 blissful energetic days (thank goodness as my dd came down with strep throat). Saturday night I had a reaction, to what, WHO KNOWS!! But I got the shakes, full body shakes and I'm not ashamed to admit that I had anxiety too. I was convinced I was taking myself to the ER but after insisting dh come home from his evening festivities he had me dope myself into slumber. The next day the shakes were gone but the jitteriness, heart palps, weakness and anxiety remained, for 2 weeks. Flash forward I have had 3 rounds of blood work, 2 ultrasounds, a 24 hr heart halter monitor and now an Echo. The diagnosis: Mono.  As far as diagnosis go, that's a pretty good one, not life threatening, no meds needed... but I'm not tired. I'm weak. Maybe its the same thing. Unfortunately it doesn't explain the heart palps and the anxiety. I'm not an anxious person!!! I take everything in stride but these symptoms are knocking me on my fleshy part (which, after a 15lb weight loss since surgery, is less fleshy). The palps usually only come at night when falling asleep, sometimes upon waking. The jitteryness lasts the better part of the day.
I had to call my mom to look after my kids during spring break. There is no way I could do it myself! I am forever grateful to her. I am also blessed with some wonderful friends who give me words of encouragement and drive my kids from A to B. 
Today is a relatively good day, less jitters than normal, and a massage to try to calm my body. I'm hoping this is the corner I'm turning but I'll take all the good thoughts you send my way. It's not a life threatening issue but it is a spirit killer.
Y'all better rush off to find a humerous blog as this one is just a downer today.