Monday, April 16, 2012

And the kitchen sink

I tend to ramble and today will be no exception, I'm just going with the flow.

So I saw the dr on fri and she said yes all my troubles recently with anxiety, headaches... Could be pre menopause but it wouldn't make much difference we'd still be looking at treating the symptoms... Hmm ok but at least I'd know why I felt crazy which for me is HUGE.
She also said it could be food related which I keep hearing but iwas convinced that my headaches/migraines wern't food related that I've always ignored it but several people incuding my GP, and the naturopath I saw recently suggested I try the elimination diet so I halfheartedly tried it. Friday was my first day.
I did have coffee with sugar but no cream. I cut out all other sugar, and all wheat/gluten.
Holy hell. I didn't have anxiety AT ALL. I'd forgotten what it felt like to have my body relaxed. My head hurt less too! Saturday my anxiety was way less even though I anticipated a migraine due to my TOM. no migraine either - although I did up some of my preventative supplements I think the diet may have helped.
Today I fell off the wagon with regards to sugar. I had several cookies I made for my dd's bday (she's 11 today) I had a pb Easter chocolate and now I'm up when I should be sleeping b/c my anxiety is back and my head hurts. Doesnt take a brain surgeon to connect the dots. If cutting out sugar and gluten makes me feel that much better I'm all for it. I'm going to keep experimenting and watching how I feel.

My DS has been having trouble with his belly lately. When I started this blog last year he was having lots of issues with his belly, it turned out to be constipation but we did have him looked at for celiac too, which they said he wasn't. Well his belly pain is back. Especially after eating pizza - gluten, wheat, cheese.... All can irritate the belly/bowel, all can cause constipation and then he gets anxious. Oh Lordy, I've transferred my anxiety to my baby.
I've put him back on his Miralax, I'm having him cut out gluten and wheat although he did eat a donut tonight and some nachos tonight. I'm hoping we can nip this in the bud before he really starts to get anxious about it and going to school becomes an issue. I made him some glutenfree chocolate pancakes this am, although I did let him eat Dino eggs cereal b/c sometimes oats are tolerated ok even though gluten is an issue, I think tomorrow we'll skip that. Maybe I'll make eggs.

More rambling...
My dr would like me to stop taking the pill, she wonders if it's making my migraines worse, again me, with my Greys anatomy degree felt they were helping, when I got migraines during my TOM, starting my pills again always helped. What I didn't understand is that the b/c pill is now classified as a class 1 carcinogen.
I can't link it properly from my iPad. But basically we know that the pill can cause cancer. I've been on it for almost 23 years! Another no brainer, time to try it without. I may have to blog about the discussion I have with my DH, he is vehemently opposed to having a vasectomy.

Well honey it doesn't cause cancer! :)
happy early Monday morning everyone!


  1. I've heard good things about going gluten free. So maybe it's really good for you to try it. You said you felt great cutting out the sugar & the wheat, so it's a worth a try, right? I've been on the pill almost 4 years, & I love it. It's cleared up my skin, I don't get a lot of cramps, & TOM is short, which is what I love! LOL

    1. I loved it too - I could use it back to back for 3 months so very few migraines but all good things come to an end.

  2. Tell the hubby to man up and get neutered. All the cool guys are doing it. Mine did it when I was 8 month pregnant :( How does he feel about condoms? celibacy?

    You can't be messing around with your hormones like that . . . I was talked into taking the pill to "control" my PMS for a few months. Hated it. Never going back. How is ME taking a pill going to help my husband be less of an asshole every 30 days? nope.