Saturday, March 19, 2011

Old lady feet

I am finally on the road to recovery! The hammertoe is gone. Thanks to the luck of the genetic slot machine I won the bunion/hammertoe booby prize. My grandmother had horribly painful looking bunions. I remember her shoes molded to the misshapen contours of her feet. Now I can appreciate how very painful they must have been for her. Luckily I have surgical options. Last year I had my bunion fixed. Despite horror stories of painful recovery and cautions that I might not be able to run for 6-12 months I was virtually pain free after the surgery and running again within 3 months. Unfortunately my second toe was lonely without the constant support of big toe and it revolted, curling up into a painful claw. I had to give up running, and then most of my shoes with heels higher than 1 inch. I tried oral steroids, cortisone shots, and new orthotics. All provided temporary relief but eventually it was clear that I was headed back to surgery. Surgery day was March 17, 2011 and all went well. I am now recovering. There's a bit more pain this time and, although I don't like to take them, the pain Meds are helping me deal with that.
Although somewhat long winded my point in turning to this blog today was to post that I worked out! With inspiration from a great book, Chocolate and Vicodin and a great magazine, Oxygen, I cranked out several push ups and 150 sit ups. There are always ways to stay fit even in recovery. Here's hoping I can find this attitude again tomorrow as I knock off another day toward recovery!

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  1. Hey lady, I haven't been doing a ton of blog reading lately so I'm just checking in (better late than never?) and saying hey.