Thursday, February 3, 2011


I've just started reading many other blogs, thanks Lanie Panie for introducing me. So many of you have a real gift for writing and are darn funny too!
I loved the Rambo/penis blog. Men can be understood when summed up with - its because they have a penis.  Way to go
Well we made it through two snow days. So many mommys were excited about snow days. Not this one. Although I do love a break from routine and a few extra precious moments with the little ones, I'm a stay at home mom so a snow day disrupts my day! I have things to do. Not the least of which is top the leaderboard in bejeweled blitz and zuma blitz.  These are my addictions.  I am not the worlds best cook, housekeeper, laundress, nor am I the most patient parent, nor the most gorgeous swimsuit model type so I have decided to become the best on my scoreboard at Bejeweled Blitz and Zuma Blitz. Its a small accomplishment but I'm proud none-the-less.  Having my lovelies at home really cuts into my FB time as I try to set a good example by not being glued to the computer all day.
However, I am pleased to say that school is on again AND I am top of the leaderboards.  It feels so good to have accomplished something already today!


  1. You're speakin my language sistah.
    Your Zuma score FREAKED THE HELL OUTTA me when I saw it! I never woulda friended you on facebook if I'd known. lol. Sicko. If you need some competition, friend Mandy. Dang.

    As far as I can see, you're pretty good mom, housekeeper and swimsuit model (you didn't now about my spy cam did you?) Much better at all 3 than i am anyhow.

    WTF? I was across the river shovelling and you were "working" on your BLITZ scores? you are so getting your as kicked at Kids for Peace tonight. (Moms for Agression)

    Now tomorrow afternoon you can come over and knit with Krita &I in my filthy house in front of a nice warm fire if you like. Bring brownies.

  2. Sounds delish and warm!
    I like Moms for Agression - you win the funniest friend award! You were kidding right?

  3. Awww - thanks for liking my penis blog.....silly boys!