Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A pediatrician, and an ENT

We are still waiting for the results of the bloodwork. Unfortunately one of the doctors in the practice died last week and that has caused quite a confusion at the office. I'm hoping I can get through today. In the meantime I have started a diet with less gluten than before. The choices are great although the prices are high.
Glutenfreemall.com is a great resource!
Last week DS had a fever of 102.5! Strep was going around his school but without a sore throat it was unlikely. A quick trip to the doctors office and he has an ear infection around the t-tube. The poor thing just can't stay away from the doctors. He thinks its someone else's turn to be sick.
We got into the ENT yesterday and he wants to remove the tube and have a hearing test next month.
Although frustrated at this one more thing I am grateful that we were able to get into the doctor's quickly and its an easy fix.
On a fun note, we had a book swap on Sunday. Friends brought  books they had finished reading to trade for others. With about 12 people there the table was filled with wonderful books. Everyone went home with new books to read and the promise of a future book swap! Next time we'll have munchies and wine and make it a real party!
*** Just got lab results back, NOT celiac. YEAH!!! now to figure out why he gets so full of poop.

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  1. Cool blog!

    Book swap was FUN!! Let's do it again with more notice - I can get some of these boxes and boxes out! I'll be the designated driver and we can potluck it!

    I've been tossing around the idea of a recipe swap or knitting get together during the school day at my place. Think anybody would come if it was alcohol free?