Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Eat Clean

Alright today's blog is none too mind blowing but sweet LauraBelle you inspired me today.
The bookfair is coming to our school which means I have been copying, collating and delivering 612 pamphlets to announce that it is coming. I live the high life people don't let anyone tell you differently!!!

Now the inspired part, I  also got on the treadmill for a 3.1 mile run AND I managed a personal record today! 24:53mins!!!  I run it as if it were 3 seperate miles with a minute break in between the miles. But who cares. I did it. (Lets hope the frankenfoot isn't to sore to do it again tomorrow!) Thankfully my legs have recovered from the P90X leg workout I did on Monday, the recovery drink I just bought from Kathy may have something to do with that (but my sweet hubby has me freaked out about the creatine in it - he says its going to bulk me up!!! AHHHH).   Love me some Tony Horton.

AND I've eaten fairly well today. Steel cut oatmeal for breakfast with some maple flakes and a couple of craisins thrown in for good measure. Shakeology shake for snack/lunch - thank you Tony Horton and then a prepackaged healthy veggie/pasta thing with only 100 calories and NO MSG!!! It doesn't get better than that.
OKAY I did just eat enough pretzels and hummus to feed a small starving country but the hummus is good protein and LauraBelle, reading your post kept me from running to the childrens' leftover halloween candies (YES I do get that crazy for sugar that I will eat 10 month old candy that I steal from my children).
Tonight will probably be some scrambled eat concoction as sweet hubby is at the rink tonight and therefore doesn't need a meat and potato dinner at home.
Put one foot in front of the other and drink your water people!!

And right on cue the big yellow bus brings my miscreants home to me - time to win Mother of the Year!

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