Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Extended Family Vacation

OMG its been way too long since I've taken the time to blog. First we were up north in cottageland with no internet ( but there was indoor plumbing my bowels are soo thankful I didn't have to hold it for 8 days!!!! that I forgave the missing internet), then we were home with company  (YEAH cousins!!), then we were off to FL!! and Yes it was steamy enough for me.

So, we decide to take a trip to hotter than Satan's underpants Florida. Walking outside of the condo was like walking into a wall of sweat! I took to putting my thunderthighs in little skirts just to get some air flow - Disney may never recover.  Anyhoo, I digress.

This was a full blown family trip: mom, dad, sis, brother-in-law, niece, nephew and my two lovelies. Hubby declined to be a part of this magical trip. Did I mention we all shared a 3 bdrm condo?!

Here are some of the 9 "Things" in my family.
Yes we did wear matching Thing 1-9 Shirts!! It really did make it easier to find everyone and in Disney you really don't look like freaks wearing this get up! Teachers  (there are 4 in my family) we used our shirts to torture the kids while we waited in line  ie: How much is momma times mommy? 2x4= Big T (8), When 4 of us were in line for the Star Tours I challenged my kids to make the biggest number they could out of us..... Great idea for the classroom. Make shirts or pinnies with numbers on them for a center. Challenge the kids to make the largest numbers they can, smallest numbers they can, number sentences with sums/products of .... The possibilities are endless!

We visited Hollywood Studios once (LOVE LOVE LOVE the Toy Story ride - go early line up, then get the express pass to go again later!!)
Later we went to Downtown Disney - ok we went three times. The boys loved the new custom remote controlled car store - $250 later, they both came home with custom rides! My brother-in-law was looking for any excuse to buy himself one.  There's also a balloon ride - for those less than adventurous, it only rises 400feet and is tethered the whole time (but you don't have to tell anyone that when you show them the photos).

Sweet daughter, Taz (as in Tazmanian Devil) got an inner and middle ear infection and was barred from the pools. OK, its a million degrees and we're in florida! NO SWIMMING!!?? So it was off to Downtown Disney again - this time to the Dine-In Theatre. WTH?! Seriously - there are wait staff who take your order including, DRINKS - true honest to goodness drinks with alcohol in them and everything!!! If one of these open up in my home town I may even get my MIA husband into a theatre with me not that he's got a problem but he loves him some beer.  (Oh we did see Pirates 4 - it was good).
Inside the theatre!!

Finally, for my fellow running bloggers, I tried to get up early to jog but my knees revolted and demanded I swim instead. So I listened - have I mentioned how hot it was?! ( I'm back to my gentle treadmill now)  However, I did take a trip to Lululemon at the outlet mall and restrained myself so that I only came home with 2 new running tanks ( for less than $100)!! Not bad for trying to shop with 4 young children.

Great family trip - no one was disowned or cut from the will! Glad to be back to blogger land.

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