Friday, January 13, 2012

WTH!!! You want me to do what?!!

Okay so I'm starting to feel better: the sinus infection is running its course, I have 4 days of antibiotics left. The headache is minimal. But I want to avoid feeling this bad again or for as long as possible soo I'm working on some preventative stuff.
I am taking many supplements, drink WAY more water than I used to (64oz up from maybe 16oz). I haven't had a drop of alcohol since the headaches started in November. 
I know I get hormonal migraines, and sometimes the weather plays a role too but I don't think food is a trigger. Anyhoo I went to the natural health food store yesterday to ask some questions. The guru there suggesting elminating dairy, peanuts, chocolate, caffine...... which I knew she would BUT then she came out with the kicker, you ready for this...... maybe I should try a coffee enema.  WTF Seriously!!!! The only way coffee enters this body is through the mouth!!!  Google it if you dare.
I have drawn the line in my quest for natural remedies!!
And that, my lovelies, is your thought for the day!  Enjoy!

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