Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Presents

Christmas was wonderful ( I still had many days where the headache won the war, but if I had to be uncomfortable it was nice to be surrounded by family).  
These are the girls in my family (my aunt is in purple, my mom  in the middle, my beautiful niece on her lap, my bestie and sister on the right, and my baby girl in front)

Here are the grandkids: my sweet boy top left, my dad in black and my nephew on the right.  We spent almost everyday together =  HEAVEN!!

Now on to the other stuff!! I've been watching the show, Hawaii Five-O but didn't realize it was season 2 so Santa kindly put season 1 in my stocking! More Alex O'Loughlin!!
My favourite chocolates!!! One a Day  :)

My sweet daughter bought a dolphin charm for me because she loves dolphins, my sister picked up the clock to remind me to be patient with my health. 
From my sister: Can't wait to watch this - just me and my elliptical.

Hope you got everything you wished for!!
Happy New Year

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  1. Beautiful necklace. I bought more magnesium yesterday. Gotta find the feverfew yet. I hope you get relief soon.