Sunday, October 16, 2011

Goodbye Sugar

Well, for something completely new, I overdosed on sugar last night.  Yup - those tasty crackwhore sugar cookies with orange icing and sprinkles....... I think at the end of the evening I had four!!!!
Felt like crap going to bed (duh no kidding) so today I'm ready to start the 4 day sugar cleanse, except for the sugar that goes in my coffee (whatever, I'm not giving that up!!)
So I made sweet potato pancakes this morning. They were dry but with a bit of agave nectar they were edible. Next time I should try The Gracious Pantry's pumpkin pancakes, they sound much more appetizing.
This afternoon I'm going to try Green Smoothie Girl's green smoothie. The recipes must be closely guarded secrets 'cause they're not on her website but in the book I had to buy. I'm going to start with water, stevia or agave nectar, a whole lemon (peel and everything!!), spinach (!!), celery, banana, maybe some berries if I have some in the freezer although strawberries are on sale. I'll have to post a pic. I hope my bullet blender is up to the challenge 'cause I'm not ready to fork out $400 for the blender she recommends.

In other news, I tried Jeff Galloway's magic mile thing to help with run training. You calculate how fast you can run a mile without coughing up a lung and his calculations help you come up with a training plan for a 5K, a 10K, a half marathon and a marathon. I'm always needing a push to help me stay interested in running, esp. longer distances so I'm trying this. I ran a mile in 7:50mins. So now I try the 10K (6.2mile) run at a training pace of 9:01min/mile. I train with a 4min run, 1 min walk. Off to try that soon.

Then I have some digital scrapbooking to do (yea!!), and hopefully a relaxing afternoon.
Happy Sunday to you!

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