Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Directions

Let me tell you now, I'm a big geek! I love Harry Potter, Glee, sappy commercials make me cry, and I love LOVE wild animals.  I could sit and watch the Hippos.... at the zoo all day. (BIG GEEK).
So now that we've all accepted that fact I can tell you about my morning. I have decided to do a little volunteering just for me. I help out at my kids school a lot! and I like it but I do that because I'm a good mommy. Today I went out to Nature's Nursery, a wildlife rehabilitation center. When I walked through the door, the strong, eau de multiple animals was a little assaulting but that's because there are soo many awesome animals in there!   bats, hummingbirds!!, a skunk, oppossums, snakes, turtles, hawks, OWLS, and probably the most awesome, the eagle
Isn't she gorgeous!!! I'm sure she's 3feet tall, and scared the crap outta me when they opened the door to where she's rehabilitated but I'm crazy excited about it too! (GEEK). She'd probably just as soon peck me to death as let me near her but I don't care.  Somebody better revive me when they let me near the Great Horned Owl. (SUPER GEEK)!
I'll probably be cleaning cages and feeding frozen mice to these lovely creatures for the first little while, but I could also be rescuing injured animals near me and bringing them in for rehabilitation, releasing them back into the wild and maybe even helping in the clinic with procedures on sick and injured animals. Can't wait to start and bring my camera so I can show you fabulous pictures of my new adventures.
 Just call me Dr. Doolittle!

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