Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Monday

Its here!!! I am officially a volunteer at Nature's Nursery Wildlife rehabilitation center!! I cleaned cages for pigeons, crows, blue jays, a gorgeous hawk, a skunk!!, an opossum, a demon bunny, a corn snake, several rats, several bats, and Einstein the screech owl.  I know - heavenly - what could be better. Oh and I watched a hawk get its nutrition through a tube while it gets strong enough to eat mice.
Whoo Hooo. Tomorrow its upstairs to the real wild animals - today was in the educational programming room. The pigeon even landed on my head. No poop accidents yet!!


Some pics from the day.
 The bat (who's name I've forgotten) prefers to eat only when in his small travelling cage as opposed to his larger regular cage).

This is Einstein.
I forgot to post yesterday the pic from my green smoothie. Here it is: spinach, celery, a banana, a bit of agave nectar, and water. It wasn't too bad. The overwhelming taste was celery.  Today I used only lettuces not spinach as I found I was really bloated yesterday (although that may have been from my son's veggie stix). I added strawberries too and again it wasn't bad. I really had a craving for carbs by 2:30pm though and ate far too many salsa chips.

Oh well, last randomness for the day - my sweet boy came in from hitting baseballs with his dad yesterday and exclaimed that "Dad hit him in the ass."  Cracked me up, I probably should have charged him a quarter or forbade him from saying that again but he surprised me and made me laugh all night. The things kids say.
Happy Monday everyone.

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  1. First, what the hell is a demon bunny? Sounds scary movie-ish.

    That's great about you volunteering!!!