Thursday, September 29, 2011

A New Day

So yesterday was a LOW as far as my mommy skills go except, I did go in at lunch to help my little hurricane study and she was happy and confident that she wouldn't fail. Yeah - giant step forward!!!

So here's my next Mommy story
I decided it would be a good idea to take my Harry Potter loving children to the HP corn maze near us. (5pts for a fun idea)
They both dressed in robes and wands and my sweet boy even wore his HP glasses. The enormous groups of teens at the maze thought the kids were adorable and wanted to have pictures taken with them.
It was dusk when we got there. I remembered our flashlight (2pts for thinking ahead). The corn people also had little finger laser thingys that you could buy for 50 cents so we got 2 of those and clipped them onto the kids wands - it looked cool, like they were casting spells.
Anywhoozle, about 8pm we ventured into the maze, with our map in hand and bundles of enthusiasm to carry us to the first check point.
We turned left, right, right, left, probably a few more lefts... Then I realized its really dark, I'm already feeling lost and I'm now thinking about children of the corn! (minus 2 points for not using the map already).
So we get out the map and find our way to the first check point, punch our little card and more on to check point two, we find it easily and are feeling pretty confident, until the first little teenager jumps out of the corn and scares the kids (I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt, he probably thought we were teenagers). Then we wander on and on and on, despite the map, I'm beginning to have my doubts about ever making it  out of this maze tonight (minus 2pts for my hideous map reading skills).
We run into teenager group 2 and they don't have a map so they ask to borrow ours, I share, but snotty nose teen throws the map away!!! Look I know I'm well preserved but I'm a 40ish mommy and I want my map!! The kids are now freaked out, I'm a little freaked out and I decide to end our maze experience.
Starting the maze at dusk was a big minus 5pts. guess what now I'm at 0 pts.  Guess it could be worse the Children of the Corn thought could have reduced me to a big blubbering mess and then I would have been at negative points.
I think the ice cream and cupcakes we ate when we got home made up for it a little!!

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  1. I think you still did good on the maze thing! And yes, ice cream and cupcakes totally make up for it.

    I tried to click the link to the Follow Me, but it didn't come up. Here's my link:

    And yes. That website is totally crack addicting greatness.