Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 1

Its a two post day!

My romantic weekend away with my hubby was great. Shopping, (shopping wasn't that great but oh well - I came home and bought a gorgeous peacock necklace at pier 1), eating (chicken cordon blue with brie cheese - heaven), a little bit of exercising and relaxing. But I didn't follow the clean eating this weekend and I know I'm gaining back the 5lbs I swore I'd keep off. So, I'm starting again (how many times have I done this before?!). Anyhoo, oatmeal and 2 hard boiled egg whites for breakfast, I even gave up creamer in my coffee and added only 1tsp of sugar!! That's huge progress already!
I just finished P90X - plyometrics training. Holy cow that's a killer workout, so I used my P90 recovery drink but its got creatine in it and I don't want to gain so I only used 1/2 the recommended amount. Now I'm having my protein shake, my quinoa lunch is packed and so is my handful of almonds for snack. I just need to pick up an apple while grocery shopping for my afternoon snack. Here's hoping that this planning will help me be more successful than I've been!!
Here's a great site to help with meal ideas for clean eating.

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  1. Way to get back on that wagon! I had tortilla chips and beer this weekend. oh well. I've done P90X before....ummm, Plyo kicked my bubble butt big time. Thought I was going to die. Haven't done it since and that was months ago.