Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Crazy Ass Wives

My last post was about my latest marital dispute. My hubby and I don't agree on whether to continue renting an old house in a fabulous location (one we don't want to buy) or take our money out of our investments (which, given the state of the market, would mean losing money) and buy something new.
He wants to stay put, I want new.
I wanted a third child but he vetoed that too. (probably with very good reason - my 4 year old was quickly pushing me to become a raging alcoholic  less than perfect mom).
Many people (my father being one) have suggested that I put my foot down. To that I have to ask, and do what?!
So I ask what do you do when you're at an impasse? Or when your hubby does something truly  DUMB ASS!

I won't force him to move, its just not in me.
I can't buy a house by myself.

Some of our friends (who don't read my blog) have crazy ass wives (or in some cases ex-wives!). When their hubbies screw up (as hubbys do) they have emptied their belongings on the front lawn, broken his nose with a swift elbow (seriously - he had a girlfriend because she refused to get rid of her boyfriend), made him sleep in the garage, thrown, retreived and then stomped on his blackberry in public.....

I am, according to said men, the best wife in the world. Because I have never done those things. I sleep in another room when he comes home late smelling like a brewery, I DVR my shows because he doesn't like watching them, and I live in an old country house that is falling apart around me but has a gorgeous backyard because he isn't ready to move.

Just Dont Forget to put MARTYR in front of my name when you address me and it might be all worth it and for damn sake put it on my headstone some day.

On the flip side though - He works hard so I can stay home with the kids, he never says no to the kids activities (even when its $115 for 6 wks of synchronized swimming), he doesn't get rid of the cat even though he never wanted it and hates it (hey I put my foot down on that one)....

So, What do you do?

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