Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Adventures in life! My running goals

Thanks to dirt road runner Dirt Road Runner I'm working abs this morning after my cardio - she's completely ripped!!
I ran yesterday on my treadmill (I love my treadmill the way Laura Belle loves beer . - I'm thinking I should name it Brad, as in Pitt, the way the rest of you name things)
Anyhoo .... I ran 5.75 miles yesterday, working up to a half marathon in the fall (13miles for you non runners). The run felt great but even with good music I get bored! Probably running outside would help with the boredom but I can't leave my kids alone for an hour they're not quite old enough and i's significantly harder outside. So I may have to get the d d player out there again but I have to remember to watch upbeat action flicks or comedies. The English Patient just doesn't inspire me to run quickly!
I'm planning to run a 5K in July. Here's the description:
One of the most unusual courses you will ever run! The race goes through the Center for Emergency Preparedness Center, used to train fire fighters, police and other emergency responders. You will run by a full size Jet airplane, burning tankers and SWAT team houses!
Course Description
Course is flat loop course through and around a training area on paved and gravel roads.
Racing Strategy
Watch out for the airplane!
Doesn't that sound cool! (I don't like the idea of a loop course but maybe I'll get to run past the firefighters 2x or 3x - it's all good then!)
Before this bog becomes a novel I'll finish up.
Have an adventure today!

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  1. Aww thanks for the shoutout :) I credit Zuzanna at for these abs. I have been following her for 6 months, doing at least 3 of her workouts a week. You should see her abs!