Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summer Travels and BYOC

Day 4 of our return to Toronto to visit Everyone!
It's been 6 months since we were home at Christmas!! We went to the " beach" - Musselman's ( love it!), timber creek mini putt,batting cages and gem mining!, and to center island yesterday. Today is birthday party day for number one son and ME! The only gift I ask for year after year... St. Clair ice cream fruits. Yum with a capital Y! They are ice cream frozen in the shape of fruits and they're solo good. Tomorrow I'm off to the glee concert with my bestie and I'm excited ( best of all, is at 3pm so my 40 yr old self will be wide awake and energized enough to enjoy it!)

Ok a little BYOC - with thanks to Sheniqua for the motivation and ideas.
1. How and why did you first start blogging? And how long have you been blogging?
I started blogging in the fall when my son was having a multitude of tests to find out why he was constipated and having belly pain. The blog allowed me to reach out to others and talk about my fears without boring my friends and family. Said son is fine just has super tough poops ( aren't you glad you know) so we now contribute to the Miralax dynasty regularly and life is regular!
Now I blog to hear myself talk and connect with others!

2. Tell me about your perfect mate – if you could invent him/her?
I'm not really sure. I tend to like sporty guys - esp. Hockey players but not true wilderness guys as I love me some luxury too.
A romantic would be heaven - love notes, flowers, picnics in the park...
Truthfully I'm in awe of Sheniqua, 9 days at home with your hubby and you're excited?! I'd be pulling my hair out. The man has no hobbies!!

3. Do you wear fake eyelashes? Do you want to? Do you use glue or self-stick ones? Do you like how they look?
I've only worn them once for my sister's wedding. I love the idea (esp since I've burned off my eye lashes several times ((now that story's blog worry)) and they're kinda sparse ) but truly I can't be bothered.

4. Let’s say money was no object and neither was time off to recover – are you an advocate of plastic surgery after weight loss?
HELL ya! If you work hard to lose weight you should be proud of your body.
I had lipo after my 2 nd pregnancy to become more preportioned (I'm kinda pear shaped). I don't broadcast this fact but I'm not ashamed of it. Now that I'm older and feel more mortal I won't consider more cosmetic surgery but I truly believe in feeling good about yourself however you need to. It's the reason we pick out specific clothes in the morning and wear make up

It is now time to get my workout in. Today is jog day - I'm missing my treadmill but will make the best with the one I've got today. The next big question is should I work legs-I really want to tone up those suckers, or should I do my favorite chest/back workout?!
Happy Saturday all.

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