Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I'm changing my moniker in blogland. I realized that my blogs have been more about me than about parenting so in the new future my title will be Adventures in Life. (I know, so creative!!) but today I will blog about Lessons Learned in Mommyland.

I wanted children, there was no way around it, somehow I would have kids. Luckily getting pregnant was easy, I loved those 9 months and I was as big as a house! Giving birth was an ordeal but manageable. Parenting is the challenge of my life.

I'm sure the nurses laugh as they teach us Lamaze breathing, knowing full well it DOESN'T do s**t during labor BUT it does help you not to lose your freakin' mind as your children grow and test the boundaries! I am a champion Lamaze breather now!

I have two lovely children:a 10 yr old girl in the throes of puberty, who is so confident and independent I am in awe of her and an 8 yr old sporty mamas boy who is the love of my life.

So.. On to Lessons learned:

Always say "yes"
My kids hear the word no and lose all sense of self restraint. For example; Yes you can have a pony, when pigs fly. Yes, you can eat all the chocolate in your Halloween bag but you'll have to do it 1 piece a day for the next 365 days.
Somehow it works!!

Everyday homework
After some serious hw battles my kids now know that they will do some hw every wk day even through the summer. Not hours, in fact it usually works out to 30mins in the summer but it's helped tremendously. It's just a great routine.

Make Memories
This could be called stop and smell the roses.
We have silly dance parties in our house complete with cheap spinning disco ball. Why? Because it's fun and they love it! My dad and I are taking my son to a major league ball game soon. It's expensive but he's so excited and he'll remember that feeling, if not the actual
event, for a while.

I thought I could go on and on forever but for now I'm out of parenting tips I've learned!

Tomorrow begins my new blog about life in general. For now I'm off to run, just me and my treadmill!

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