Thursday, June 2, 2011


I am the Queen of Procrastination!!! I have a to do list - its sitting right in front of me and its LONG!! Even so, I can still find any number of fascinating things to do instead. Maybe I should add those to my list just so I can feel like I accomplished something.  I confess I do that!

I am inspired by other blogs to confess:
I confess that I stand on the scale when my hair is soaking wet just so I can claim any extra weight is water!

I confess that I can not take credit for my 15lb weight loss last month but I am totally loving it AND thinking my EBV flare up was almost worth all the pain for that 15lb loss!!! 

I confess that I am procrastinating by writing this blog when I should be working on assignments for my online class even though they may not satisfy the "board"'s requirements to renew my license. I have already paid for it, but it was through paypal so that doesn't count, right?! Kinda like eating chocolate in the dark or while standing up or eating someone else's ice cream - the calories don't count!  Paypal is cyberspace it's not real money, right?! AND my husband will completely understand when I explain it to him that way, right?!

I confess that I totally love it when my hubby is out in the evenings. I let the kids eat in front of the tv, I let them crawl into bed with me and they let me fall asleep cuddling and that's enough for them!!  That never happens when my DH is home. So I say, "You're not home for dinner tonight? I understand. Hope the work function isn't too dreary! I'll try to wait up" with my fingers crossed!

I confess that I am out of confessions! Until I think up more. Come on all you bloggers update your blog today, give me something to do other than the "To Do List"!!!!