Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bison burgers

Bison Burgers!! (I think this is going to be my new curse phrase - it just flows)

These are real bison/buffalo burgers!! While trying to figure out what to have for dinner last night I stumbled upon these little treasures in the frozen food section and decided that my family is having burgers for dinner. Now at $8 for 2 patties my sweet children did not have buffalo burgers (somethign I'm sure they are bummed grateful for), AND I did get out chicken breasts for my sweet hubby but lo and behold, HE ATE A BISON BURGER!!! I can't get the man to eat ground turkey but he'll eat a buffalo!! Must be some manly hunter thing.
The package suggested we baste the burger frequently to keep it moist so there is some bbq sauce on the burger (which is not clean eating I know Tosca ) but it was good . I mean I really wouldn't have know the difference if I hadn't bought it.  I'll probably stick with chicken breasts because of the price but it was fun to try something healthy and different. (FYI bison is extremely lean meat. The box claims more so than beef AND chicken although I'm skeptical about the chicken claim)
This company, Blackwing Meats,  even has ostrich meat products!!!! I'll let you know if I try that.

Today I'm trying Christy's 3 x 2mile run idea. You run three 2 mile intervals at your half marathon pace with a minute walking rest in between. Lets get something straight. I don't have a half marathon pace, I've never done it before. But the 5.75 miles I've done I've been able to run at 9:00min/mile. I have not idea if I can do that or 13ish miles or not but that is the time I'm aiming for today. If my family finds me in a crumpled heap at the end of the treadmill you'll know it didn't work.
Hey Draz - you've got to tell me how you add the cute arrows and voice bubbles to your pictures!!!
Have an adventurous day!!

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