Wednesday, December 14, 2011


A eureka moment came today in the form of an allergic reaction!
I've been feeling like crap since I got a migraine several weeks ago. Lots of anxiety, pressure in my head, general weakness..... I had just booked appt for an MRI, a consult with a psychologist, an eye exam and had just come home with 4 scripts. I was determined to get to the bottom of this after an anxiety filled sleepless night! I took the anti inflammatory and the anti anxiety/anti depressant As soon as I got home and within 45mins I was racing back to the dr. Office feeling like I was dying. On no nothing that exciting it was just a reaction to the anti-inflammatory! A reaction i'd had to the exact same Meds 7 months earlier that we attributed to anxiety!!!! AHHa I say. AND I think I have the same reaction to my migraine Meds! Just call me Dr. House! Unfortunately this means somehow I need to avoid these drugs in the future. Fine but how will I control my migraines? That my friends is the question for tomorrow's dr. Appt and yet another $15 copayment! My parents are swooping in tomorrow to be my security blanket. Thank God for them!!
Find the silver lining folks (I'm still wearing my skinny jeans!)

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  1. I'm writing a post soon about my new migraine preventive meds...stay tuned.