Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A quickie

Good Morning Lovlies!
What is it about the holidays that make us soo grumpy?! So many blogs today are of the grumpy variety. I'm not complaining or judging!! Just curious.
I love the holidays I love the crazy and I'm looking forward to going home to visit my family even though it means a 5hr drive through customs, presents not wrapped until we get there (so customs doesn't make us unwrap them), coming home to a tree whose needles are all over the floor due to lack of water, staying in someone else's house for a week.... I LOVE IT!
but this year year I'm having a tough time because I'm still not feeling well.  The migraines are gone - THANK GOODNESS for that mercy! but the pressure and mild headache remains, the anxiety comes and goes, and the weakness is still around in the morning. No one knows what causes all these crazy symptoms so I'm off to the eye dr this afternoon - lets cross those babies off my list of causes, I'm hoping to be approved for an MRI soon, and my sweet father, who is not a hippie, has booked me in for a healing hands session. Hey who cares what works I just want to feel strong and healthy again!!
I'm supposed to pay a non-refundable deposit of $75 for a trip to Washington where we may get to meet the President but I'm so worried about being sick and by myself with the kiddos that I can't decide whether to go or not and that is NOT like me. I take them everywhere and anywhere by myself.  So my heart goes out to those of you who suffer from anxiety, pain and are not in good health. It is a crazy frustrating situation.

Perspective: my mom's neighbor has just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, 9-12 months. Even though she feels great right now and had no symptoms. Would you want to know?
So I say, It could always be worse.
Well my lovelies, hang in there, find the silver lining, or baileys or chocolate and have a great one.

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