Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Its been a while

Life has been soo crazy that I have only had a chance to read your precious blogs not write my own.

I'm a substitute teacher and there have been a lot of jobs lately which really mixes me up as I never know when I'm going to get so busy. But i'm loving the extra cash as my oldest has recently become passionate about synchronized swimming to the ole cha ching of the check book at- $105/month!

Any whoo I'm still volunteering at the wildlife rehab place, and loving it - even the poop. Its fabulous animal poop so its not too bad.

 This is Pete. He's a program animal, meaning he can't be released into the wild. He's extremely mischievous - stealing pens, other animals food....

This is Jade. She got herself pretty dirty in her cage and need a quick shampoo and set.  She's an oppossom and a program animal. She can't walk so she's with us forever.

ONE of my DIY projects I decided to tackle just before Halloween.  A friend made one of these shadow box frames and I just had to do it too. Unfortunately I could only order this 12x12 frame online from archivers and the 2 day shipping was downright scary. but I did it anyway. I'd love to do this for Christmas and the first day of school too. It shows my darlings from their early halloween days til last year.

My other DIY project. My halloween project. I'm sushi. See the chopsticks in my hair, the kikomen sauce under my neon yellow sub sticker, and the seaweed wrap around my middle?!    Being a sub for the halloween parties was great!
 And finally, on a recent trip to the bookstore I found these treasures that I couldn't pass up...
Funny, Funny Stuff!!
Well my few lovelies the day is starting and my babies have the day off so I'd better get my sh*t together. Have a good one!

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