Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Just for me shopping!

Today is supposed to be a productive day - hopefully I will still get there. I had planned to go see "Breaking Dawn" this afternoon even though my friends aren't able to go I was going to go anyway. I never mind watching a great movie by myself but I really need to clean the house before the kiddies are off tomorrow and the parents and PIL arrive on Friday soo.. when I saw Draz's post about her boot fettish, I thought, yup why not. I need a new pair of everyday boots so I started shopping online.
I'd like a pair of black cowboy boots but the ones I want are $100 plus so I don't want to order online and take a chance on size. BUT I found this delicious pair on pintrest,
went to Target.com and found they were only $29!! Seriously?! That's like finding out that my favorite chocolate dessert is calorie free.  For $29 I don't care if they only last a couple of months, then I can find a new favorite pair.
They were out of black online and they weren't sold in stores, dilemma? I think not, I impulsively bought the cognac pair!  Cute, no?!  Guess I still need to shop for a black pair and I did see a cute grey pair at Charming Charlies (wish I could shop online at their store).

For those of you who follow - I finished the gingerbread house for the historical contest yesterday. It was freakin heavy and i spent $20 in gum for the bricks (shoot that's almost as much as the damn boots!). Thankfully its done. There were only 5 enteries in 3 categories so my kiddies should win something. I'm not particularly thrilled with the green on the roof, it makes it look thatched and not the green metal that it is but overall it worked.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


  1. Love the boots! and for $29 how can you go wrong!

    Great job with the Gingerbread church!

  2. Love the boots too! Wow, what a bargain!

    And the church is awesome! You're just so creative.

  3. Love the boots!!! (That was me above)

  4. Really love the boots! Especially on the tan colour :)