Sunday, March 25, 2012

Another quickie!

The bathing suit is finished! And just in time, her first competition is next wknd!!
I think it turned out great for my first time and I can't wait to see her compete.
What do you think?

I had a major migraine episode yesterday and am slowly recovering today. The day after is a very slow, depressing, foggy kind of day for me. Especially if I've had to take pain meds in addition to the max amount of migraine meds. The GOOD news is its been 3 wks since my last migraine AND I've been keeping a headache journal which shows that my tension type headaches ARE responding to my chiropractic adjustments (YEAH), my last migraine happened on the day I took my first birth control pill of the pack and so did yesterday's. That helps me anticipate and therefore react faster. The month before that I didn't get a migraine but I did have some serious anxiety. Hmmm I do think they're related.
I found two great blogs from women who suffer frequent migraines and their attitude is wonderfully uplifting! That is dearly needed when I'm feeling down as I do in the post drome phase.
A Daily Headache here and Rachel here.  Rachel creates her own loose tea. I bought some from Etsy and it arrived this week (great shipping Rachel). She also sent some calming tea to try too. I was soo excited to buy a tea infuser!!! I did try it yesterday with a bit of sugar. It didn't cure the headache but the Amerge almost didn't cure the migraine either so I'm not disappointed. I'll try again in three weeks when I start my next pack of birth control pills as a preemtive strike!!
Well my happy family is outside enjoying this weather, playing tennis, I think I'm feeling well enough to join them.
Stay tuned tomorrow - I'm off to the wildlife rehabilitation center!! We took in some baby foxes this weekend!! Can't wait to see them.
Happy Sunday!


  1. Great job on the swimsuit!! I'm glad you posted the finished version . Wow you are awesome. I seriously can't make anything to save my life so I'm in awe of you. AND must I say...gorgeous daughter you have!!!! This is funny (or weird depending..) that I actually was having a conversation the other day with someone who was discussing how they needed a specific kind of bathing suit for their daughter that they couldn't find and I was like..."Oh I have this friend who made her daughter's bathing suit herself...she totally bedazzled it...I can't remember exactly who it was now.." and then all of a sudden I was like...oh my gosh...that's one of the bloggers...ROFL....anyway I thought it was funny. I am sorry to hear that you have migraines. Have you ever heard of a visual migraine? It doesn't cause pain but causes problems with vision. I had one the other day and it completely freaked me out!! I think you are smart to be researching ways to handle it. Love etsy!

  2. The bathing suit looks great! You are so creative. I'm not an artsy craftsy person at all, so kudos to you. And you must post photos of the baby foxes, please. I love cute animal pics. :-)