Saturday, March 10, 2012


Laura at Beer, Dogs, and Getting Healthier has been challenging herself to get up and get moving every morning.  It got me thinking about how I motivate myself to workout.
Note to self - I haven't done it yet today!!!
I am a morning workout gal too (usually). Then its done and there are no excuses, events.... that could get in the way.
 In high school I HATED running with a passion, but I had to for Cross Country ski team.
Now I LOVE running. I feel fast (I'm not), I feel strong (ok, I am a little) and I really feel like I've burned some major calories when I'm done.

Some basic info: I run at approx 9min/mile.

I run on a treadmill - its easier when you have kiddos you can't leave alone and I'm a fairweather jogger. If its not 60-80 degrees farenheit fugedaboutit.

How do I motivate myself? Taking a good look in the full length mirror, stepping on the scale, trying on my bathing suit..  Okay I'm only half kidding those things do work though.

When I'm on the treadmill and feel like I don't have it or my mental game SUCKS:
 I play mind games with myself. 
1. I calculate what my final speed will be, I use a distance of 3.1 miles and a time of 31 mins. If I run at 8:36min/mile I'll finish in about 26:30 - that would be a grrrreat time for me. If I run at 8:25 for 1min... what will it be, by the time I figure it out I'm almost done my run!:)
2. Sometimes I run sprints. 1 minute as fast as I can and then 1 minute at a comfortable pace....
3. Sometimes I run 1 mile as fast as I can and then I take a complete break, put the treadmill on pause, until I'm ready to start again (usually 1min). Then I run the next mile as fast as possible.... Until I have a PR 3.1 mile run. Its a mental game folks

I'm not running for anyone but me so it doesn't matter what I do or how I do it as long as I get to run.
And finally, I always have great music or, lately, I've been able to watch shows like Hawaii 5-O and NCIS while I'm working out to keep me motivated!
 Now that's motivation!!

One final note, as blogger Illiterate pointed out to me, for every pair of  TOMS you buy, $$ is donated to charity! So go laura go! Get up and run so you can buy your TOMS and help others!!

Happy Weekend everyone, I'm off to run!!


  1. I definitely agree that any of those above 3 could be motivating!! lol...Glad to have found your blog. Drazil sent me!

  2. I absolutely love the pic of how you feel when you run and how you probably look. Hahaha, that is SO me!

  3. OMG - I love NCIS!!! Hehehe. I find that when I really, REALLY don't feel like working out, within about 3-5 minutes into it, I already feel a lot better about it. And then I get in the zone to do more.

  4. YAY!!!!!

    Those are great tips!
    I'm going to try the sprinting one. Just for shits and giggles!
    (FYI, I didn't get up today...I know, I know, I sooo should have, because now I have a neck problem and won't be able to do it tonight. But tomorrow, it's on!!!)