Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dr. Suess

So many of you have such deep, profound thoughts this week. I'm almost embarassed to post today BUT Friday was Dr. Suess's birthday!  Here's what we did....

My Things wearing Dr. Suess cat in the hats, and their Thing shirts ( everyone in the family wore a thing shirt to Florida last year - my kids were Things 6 and 7)
Cat in the Hat treats (marshmallows and fruit by the foot) - this was in their lunch boxes.
This was just for me, I put inspirational quotes on our dining room mirror to encourage my kids and give us something to talk about at meals. To kinda set the tone for the day.
Now I'm getting ready for St. Patricks Day - we're meeting my sister and her kids half way between my house and her house at a great hotel with a waterslide. Cant wait. She's already got the t-shirts!!

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