Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I have been AWOL! But I really do have a good reason. The house was hit by lightning Friday night!! It was crazy wild. I almost peed my pants. It blew all the circuits in the house - thank goodness for surge protectors as all the tvs, and computers are fully functional!!!! I learned how to reset the fuses but we had to call in a technician to fix/replace the modems, and wireless router. We are still without phone service as I need to get a new phone. The oven isn't working, I've gotta call about that and the garage door opener! And the kitchen light had a metal switch plate and its fried!!! So no lights over the kitchen table. Welcome to my exciting life!!
Anyhoo some randomness for your Tuesday.
After a bout of preteen angst yesterday about homework in which my DD almost refused to go into her class room and I threatened her with grounding from life (I'm not always rational when I'm crazy) she went to school and I went to my sanctuary - Nature's Nursery, a wildlife rehabilitation center.
Here are a couple of pics from the morning.

We have the beautiful Saw Whet Owl top left - she's being released soon!!  Next to her is Leo our starling zombie. He had his eye removed yesterday as we suspect cancer. He stays with us and we hope he'll recover well. Next to him is Baxter the bastard bunny nose to beak with Rudy our duck with arthritis. I think Rudy is taunting Baxtar because Rudy has the run of the place and Baxtar is behind bars.
Finally, although you can't see him, in the large plastic ball at my feet, is Sully our mostly blind squirrel. He rolled around all morning in his exercise ball - and I kept hearing Steve Carell's voice as Hammy the squirrel from Over the Hedge!  Although I cleaned up poop all morning it was wonderfully relaxing!
Finally, LauraBelle introduced me to this TOMS website with fun shoes. I'd never seen then before and because of my frankenfoot I don't think I could wear the fun sparkly flats that she loves but I found me some cute wedges!!
and there are even some with sparkle!!!!
Have a random Tuesday my lovelies!!


  1. So sorry about the lightening but yes, must agree, Yay surge protectors!
    Cute wedges!! Cannot wait for spring.

  2. Um yes.....I shall be getting wedges after the sparkly purple ones. For sure.

    That lightening thing is crazy!!! Makes me want to go and check all the surge protectors in our house now!!

  3. Did you know the whole purpose of TOMS is that it's a charity? For every pair you buy a pair is donated to a child in a third world country in need.